Next Generation refractive surgery


Clerio is developing a State-of-Art disruptive technology utilizing Laser Induced Refractive Index Change (LIRIC) to redefine LASER vision correction.  Imagine having a non-invasive procedure, that does not remove tissue, damage nerves, or induce dry eye.  Within a couple of minutes our LIRIC procedure can personalize vision correction for hyperopia, myopia with or without astigmatism, and/or presbyopia corrections.  All with minimal healing time offering superior quality and visual acuity.

A safer better option

The dryness and discomfort sometimes associated with LASER refractive surgery is due to the severing of the corneal nerves. Clerio’s LIRIC non-invasive technology does not remove tissue, or require cutting a flap through corneal nerves.

LIRIC is not a temporary fix for a lifelong problem.  Unlike other technologies, LIRIC has the unique ability to write precise corrections into the cornea, and IOL or a contact lens.  LIRIC can also modify prescriptions multiple times without an invasive procedure.


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