Employer: Clerio Vision, Inc.

Location: 1892 S. Winton Road, Rochester NY 14618

Title: Product Development Engineers

  • Supporting product development efforts for the company’s femtosecond laser system and technology by designing and building optical systems, subsystems, and metrology, designing and running experiments, collecting and analyzing data.
  • Supporting the company’s product development initiatives in vision correction.
  • Taking ownership of sub-system(s) as per supervisor’s assignment.
  • Leading metrology system design, build, maintenance and troubleshooting, including supporting metrology needs across programs in general.
  • Developing and implementing product testing methods and conducting testing on current and new products.
  • Initiating and executing project tasks from idea to design, plan, data collection, analysis to output results that can be directly delivered.
  • Performing data collection and detailed analysis, and reporting.
  • Documenting design and test results in a format that can be readily shared, including data grids, presentations, memorandum, reports etc.


Job Requirements:

Bachelor of Science or equivalent degree in Physics or Optics.  Three years of experience using femtosecond laser systems to change the refractive index in cornea, contact lenses and/or intraocular lenses.  Candidate must also have lab experience and experience designing optical subsystems.  Reference checks required. 


Clerio Vision was founded based on groundbreaking research from the University of Rochester using femtosecond lasers for noninvasive vision correction in contact lenses, the human cornea and intraocular lenses (IOLs). We are dedicated to providing a wide array of solutions to the millions of patients requiring vision correction.


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