Advanced contact lenses

Clerio’s LIRIC technology offers superior Fresnel lens diffractive optics patterns to correct presbyopia, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and higher-order aberrations.  Using a femtosecond laser to induce refractive index change, LIRIC offers a safer, flexible and new vision correction solution to a broad patient population.  

What does this mean? 

  • Better stability of optical performance: Vision is not degraded from blinking, which causes lens movement
  • Better performance in low light: Vision is not degraded in low light conditions due to changes in pupil size
  • Easier for clinicians to prescribe: Can be prescribed directly based on patient’s actual ADD power
  • No compromises: Users can continue wearing contacts with the onset of presbyopia while maintaining the same spectacle-corrected vision users have become accustomed 

Clerio is working on its first multifocal contact lens, to be launched  in 2020, which offers no compromise in distance vision.

Extreme H2O contact lenses

In July 2019, Clerio acquired Hydrogel Vision Corporation (HVC). The transaction combines HVC’s 18 years of expertise in the manufacturing and distribution of high-performance contact lenses with Clerio’s innovative product pipeline.

HVC is best known for its Extreme H2O product line and its multiple differentiated offerings that personalize the contact lens wearing experience. For instance, HVC offers lenses in various diameters, with smaller lenses to more comfortably fit those with smaller corneas or narrower eyelids, and larger lenses for those with larger corneas or for improved sports performance.  








HVC contacts are made from a proprietary ultra-hydrating material that retains up to 99% of its moisture, which can help to minimize the dryness and itchiness that is often experienced by contact lens wearers late in the day. They may be especially helpful to those who work a lot with screens or live in dryer climates.  HVC also distributes the only disposable opaque color contacts for those with astigmatism.

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Clerio Vision was founded based on groundbreaking research from the University of Rochester using femtosecond lasers for noninvasive vision correction in contact lenses, the human cornea and intraocular lenses (IOLs). We are dedicated to providing a wide array of solutions to the millions of patients requiring vision correction.


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