About Us

Transforming Vision Care

Clerio Vision was founded based on groundbreaking research the University of Rochester using femtosecond lasers for noninvasive vision correction in contact lenses, the human cornea and intraocular lenses (IOL).

We are dedicated to providing a wide array of solutions to the millions of patients requiring any vision correction, including contact lenses, glasses and IOLs. 75% of adults require some sort of vision correction. Refractive error (Myopia, Hyperopia, Presbyopia, & Astigmatism) vision issues is the most prevalent global health condition. It is estimated that in 20 years close to 80% of adults will require vision correction.

Today, patients are treated with inferior options including invasive laser refractive surgery, optically inferior multifocal contact lenses and contact lenses that are unable to match the optical properties of glasses. Based on over a decade of scientific research, Clerio Vision has developed a Laser Induced Refractive Index Correction (LIRIC) technology to overcome the safety and performance issues with existing refractive surgery, contacts lenses and IOL options.

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