Clerio Vision is developing a novel technology for writing visual corrections into intraocular lenses (IOLs) after they are implanted during cataract surgery. This unique investigational technology will offer the ability to correct the common occurrence of post-implant refractive errors, thereby non-invasively providing potentially better results and higher patient satisfaction.  This technology may also be able to convert monofocal IOLs into multifocal IOLs, should a patient desire that post-surgery. These adjustments can be made over the life of the patient, achieving optimal outcomes in vision correction.

improving outcomes

Approximately half of cataract surgeries performed annually leave patients with some level of residual refractive error, which represents a difference between the intended visual correction and the actual correction.  Sometimes this residual effect occurs because an IOL shifts during or after surgery.  And even a small shift can have a significant  impact on vision.

Unlike other technologies, LIRIC is being developed to enable cataract surgeons to “write” precise corrections into IOLs after those IOLs are implanted.  LIRIC is also expected to have the ability to modify prescriptions multiple times without an invasive procedure.