Clerio Vision focuses on developing vision correction technologies based on the LIRIC process. LIRIC involves using femtosecond lasers to break the bonds of monomers in hydrogels and similar materials, which leads to changes in the material’s refractive index. In essence, by using LIRIC, we can create almost any optical pattern inside of many thin materials.


Clerio Vision aims to transform vision correction by offering new classes of contact lenses and intraocular lenses that utilize LIRIC to better address vision challenges, such as presbyopia and myopia. Our three primary programs include developing advanced multifocal contact lenses for presbyopia, improved therapeutic contact lenses for myopia control in children, and a device to modify intraocular lenses after cataract surgery. We are also developing new technologies for non-invasive laser vision correction and for premium contact lenses that would offer crisper “sports vision.” By utilizing LIRIC technology, Clerio Vision hopes to help hundreds of millions of people worldwide achieve better vision and a better quality of life.