next generation laser vision correction

Clerio Vision is developing a disruptive technology called Laser Induced Refractive Index Change (LIRIC) that will redefine the field of laser vision correction.  Imagine having a non-invasive procedure where the cornea is not thinned out and no tissue is removed.  And imagine further a procedure where there is no need to even cut a flap in the cornea.  That future will be made possible with LIRIC.

Within a couple of minutes, our investigational LIRIC procedure will be able to personalize vision correction for hyperopia, myopia or presbyopia.  All with minimal healing time while offering superior quality, safety  visual acuity.

A safer better option 

The dryness and discomfort sometimes associated with conventional laser refractive surgery often arises from the severing of the corneal nerves. Clerio Vision’s LIRIC technology is truly non-invasive and therefore does not remove or cut corneal tissue, nor does it require cutting a flap through corneal nerves.

LIRIC is also not a temporary fix for a lifelong problem. Unlike other technologies, LIRIC has the unique ability to write precise vision correction optics into the cornea. LIRIC can also modify prescriptions multiple times without an invasive procedure.