Meet Ian

With 35 years of overall industry experience, Ian Cox has led and managed various projects from feasibility to post-launch, covering all phases of clinical studies. He has a strong background in bridging the gap between clinicians and engineers, translating clinical needs into design specifications and outcomes. He has also overseen the growth and development of a large technical team, providing strategic direction and technical guidance. Additionally, he has collaborated with academic partners on research projects funded by corporate and government grants.Ian has over 25 years of experience in product and optic design at Bausch + Lomb.

After completing his Ph.D., he started as a Senior Research Optometrist in 1986 and ultimately became a Research Fellow in 1998. He then led the Clinical and Scientific Affairs department as the Director from 2003 to 2006. He was promoted to Distinguished Research Fellow in 2006 and Director of Lens Design, Optics, and Advanced Tooling in 2010. In 2013, he reached the Senior Executive level as a Bausch + Lomb Research Fellow. His main focus was on developing new product designs for contact lenses, refractive surgery, and intraocular lenses. He is passionate about advancing the field of ophthalmology and delivering innovative solutions to improve patients’ vision and quality of life.