Meet Len

Len was the first employee of Clerio Vision and has been an integral part of the company’s growth and success. Len oversees the Myopia Control program, which involves researching the fundamental mechanisms leading to myopia progression, and developing therapeutic contact lenses for slowing the rate of childhood eye growth.

As a vision scientist, Len has focused on a wide array of topics, such as myopia control, presbyopia correction, wavefront science, femtosecond lasers, contact and intraocular lens design, as well as corneal refractive surgery. in vision and LIRIC and femtosecond lasers allows him to apply His innovative work has led to numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, patents and conference presentations related to vision and optical sciences.

Prior to joining Clerio Vision, Len was a co-founder of Ovitz corporation, focused on providing customized optical solutions to keratoconic patients for whom conventional corrections are insufficient. Len also worked at Ometric Corporation, a Sequoia-backed spectroscopy start-up which was later acquired by Haliburton Energy Services.

Len has a PhD, MS, and BS in Optics from The Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester. Len serves the optics community as an executive committee member of the Optics Vision Science Technical Group, a reviewer for peer-review journals, and as a guest-lecturer at the University of Rochester.