Meet Lisen

Lisen has led multiple programs at Clerio, ranging from the intraocular lens program in
feasibility phase to establish the near infrared LIRIC laser platform and application to IOL materials, then research and development of the next generation corneal refractive surgery platform, and now primarily focuses on the silicone hydrogel contact lens program to develop diffractive multifocal contact lenses for presbyopia correction.

Before Clerio Vision, Lisen worked at Optikos Corporation, an optical engineering
consulting firm in Massachusetts. At Optikos, he worked on optical metrology products,and later focused on engineering consulting projects in a wide application space.

Lisen was in the role of both lead engineer and project manager for his projects, and worked closely with the manufacturing team, as well as customers and suppliers.
Lisen had a physics degree from Beijing Normal University and earned both MS and
PhD degrees in Optics from University of Rochester, as one of the early researchers
working on the core technology behind Clerio – Laser Induced Refractive Index Change (LIRIC).

At UR, he worked on both hydrogels (for which he wrote the very first cylinder correction, 2011) and corneas (for which he built the platform to start treating cornea in the blue, 2010). His doctoral work was essential in the subsequent stages of the research program at UR.

In his spare time, Lisen enjoys volunteering and networking with the local community,
such as Optica (previously OSA) Rochester Section, Toastmaster club, and STEM
events at libraries and schools. He likes playing tennis, piano, skiing, gardening, as well as spending time with his family.