Meet Scott

Scott is a 39 year medical industry veteran having spent most of those years in eye care leading various size sales teams. With experience in both start-up and Fortune 100 companies, he will lead Clerio Vision’s sales growth in both product performance and human capital. Scott’s eye care experience includes intraocular lenses, surgical equipment, contact lenses, contact lens solutions and drops, and pharmaceuticals. His responsibilities have been as Region Sales Manager, Strategic Development Director, and National Sales Manager. Scott enjoys continuous learning and is Certified in PSS ll and lll, Integrity Selling and Coaching, Acclivus, and is a proponent of Robert Bell’s Pendulum Selling. His passion for eye care professionals and quality patient care was the heart behind him creating The Teambuilding Workshop which guides practices through the importance of office surroundings and patient interactions. Scott also enjoys teaching as he has taught Small Business Management and Marketing at his Alma Mater, Marshall University, and has guest lectured on Contact Lens Profitability Management at Southern College of Optometry and The Hayes Center for Practice Excellence.